War Games

The morning sun peaked carefully over the mountain as the rebel patrol marched towards their valley outpost. Out of the original 12 only six remained against the seemining gargantuan enemy forces. Their mission was to wipe out the furthest outpost and camp; clearing the path for a greater resistance force to pass.

“Let’s do this!” Corporal R said, pointing at the first objective.

Before any of the rebels knew what was happening shots began whizzing at them with deadly accuracy. The only logical thing to do seemed to be jump and roll. One of the rebels, Private D, landed in waist deep sludge. Unphased, he quickly banished the that two of his already sparse companions were wounded, possibly dead.

“Retreat!” D heard one of the other soldiers call.

He didn’t need to be told twice as and immediately began back-crawling out of the sludge and into a small clearing. There, the other three survivors began regrouping.

“One mag.” R said with distaste.

“Less here.”

“One and change”

“Three mags,” D rogered up.

“Split what we have and take this the long way,” R ordered. “I’ll go around the road and try to take out the sentries.”

“We’ll go straight on and distract the main guards from your advances,” Lance Corporal J offered motioning towards his brother.

“I’ll take the valley wall and see if I can get inside to wipe out whatever sentries and soldiers I can,” D said, deciding on a strategy.

Last Stand

The others split in their separate directions and D headed up the side of the mountain. As he crept along, he carefully stepped on as much solid ground as possible and stuck to the trees with almost affection. Before long his sensitive young ears picked out the voices of a couple sentries who were hidden behind a boulder right beneath him. What he heard didn’t help my situation much.

“I bet they’ll try and take us straight on, let’s go up the side and see if we can’t get an advantage on them.” One sentry said.

Both of them began creeping straight towards D. He froze; his position definitely had the advantage on these two, but with no way of knowing how many were patrolling this same area. D had to do something, these two sentries had seen right through the strategy of the two brothers.

D was in mid thought, when he saw the face of one of the sentries. The Sentry wouldn’t see him for a few more moments that might buy him some time to react. Directly below D laid a cliff that he could easily clear, and above him sheer rock that would cover a quick retreat. Though not sure why, he decided on the quicker route… and jumped.

The stream nearly swallowed him as he struck the loose bottom. Rolling once again felt like a good idea as bullets pinged off the water around him. D could hear the sentries coming back down. They would be furious that he’d had slipped past them and D didn’t want to be there to see their reactions. So, ducking and running into the next bush he began to look for someone to shoot. D froze as a soldier walked out into the road and began walking straight towards him… the soldier never saw where the three bullets that struck him in the chest came from.

A twig snapped behind the bush and D tried to shoot through it. His rifle misfired as the firing pin caught a round in the chamber. He yanked his knife out and began to lever the pin back into position. Then, the sentry walked around with a strange ceremonious type air. His smug face showed a sincere respect as he lifted his gun to fire at D. D felt sacrilege as he ducked and spun behind a nearby tree. The pin suddenly jolted back into place and he finished the spin, pulling the trigger for all he was worth.

Then, in a blind panic, D ran for the road. He totally missed seeing the soldier patrolling and it wasn’t until the shots rang through him, that he realized the mistake…

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