Fatal Acting

“This is awesome… I mean just think, after this we’re free again.”

“I don’t know, I kind of enjoyed having something to do after school,” D mused. Though somehow he didn’t sound quite coherent enough.

“D… D! Wake up, you’re like totally spaced out!” Monica said, trying to get his attention.

“Excuse me, I’ve got to do something really fast,” he’d seen it.

Someone in the crowd had a gun and it was pointed straight at him. The threat wore a white, sleeveless tee, and a pair of khaki shorts, the type with to many pockets.

Before the soon to be shooter could react D’s legs collapsed under him and he rolled forward behind a piece of scenery. Just in time as two bullets silently thudded right were his head had been. D could hear Monica gasp as she ducked and tried to look calm as she walked away.

“He won’t shoot anyone else, that would be unprofessional,” His mental dialog began to narrate. Once again on his feet, he dodged between as many people as he could and headed out the door. D was due on stage in eight minutes so this couldn’t take long.

Outside the building he broke into a run and turned left around the first corner of the theater. His assailant came running out the door and fired a shot in his direction. Luckily, D managed to make it around the next corner before the shooter got a clear view.

“I can’t keep running like this, it’s been to long.” So D ran just to the first entrance of the theater’s boiler room and used the door to hoist himself onto the roof. Rolling as he hit the shingles, D came back onto his feet as the apparently younger hitman began scaling the same door.

“He’s got skills! Well, I’m not going to live forever… but I can sure try!” The pavement below almost felt welcome, were it not for the the twelve foot drop that preceded it. The word D heard afterward just made him smile as the hitman realized his strategy.

The jog back into the theater was a good cool down and just as D stepped into the cast room he heard the call for his scene.

“D!” Before he could even turn around, a pair of soft lips pressed against his cheek. “For luck!” Monica said sheepishly as she ushered him out onto the stage.

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