Silently, the breeze blew around me with gentle reassurance as D stayed low in the reeds against the base of a tree. He knew the hunter would come this way. It never took them long to track someone down.

Twigs snapped a little ways to his right… the hunter had arrived and D needed to move. He crept through the weeds silently and parted the edge, near the road carefully to locate the hunter; there he was, trying to find some trace of D without getting near any of the bushes

“He remembered our last meeting, how admirable,” D thought as the hunter moved past him and around the bend ahead.

D circled back the opposite direction, unfortunately forgetting that he wasn’t dealing with an amateur. The hunter popped back around running with his gun in hand.

He dodged as he heard the percussions of the shots ringing around him. Up ahead there D knew of a homestead he could take cover in; where the hunter couldn’t make a scene in front of witnesses. If he got lucky, the owners may not even realize D hid there.

So D dove over the outer wall into a cow pen, and heard a last “pop” as the hunter tried to kill him before D disappeared again.

D watched with interest as the hunter put his gun under his shirt and walked to the front gate. He waved a cheery hello to the owners who happened to be playing volleyball in the front yard. Then, the hunter went back to the pens where he’d last seen D and tired desperately to find any sign of him.

He felt a slight feeling of relief as the hunter finally gave up and returned back to the road where he’d come from…

“Whew!” D thought to himself as he stealthed back the opposite direction, “that one’s better than the last.” The first hunter had died a most unfortunate death from his own gun, with a broken wrist and a badly twisted neck… 


D’s thoughts fell immediately back to the situation at hand as he felt his elbow shatter under the force of a bullet. He dove over another wall on the side of the road and crawled over to the opposite side of the yard. D heard two more shots before he made it over the opposite wall and into the lush foliage of the river once again in safety.

“This one’s going to make life really complicated for awhile!” D grimaced as he began wrapping a piece of his shirt around his now useless elbow.

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