Street Fighter

D ran down the alley. Suddenly, a tank stepped out of the shadows, blocking most of the escape. D dropped into a fighting stance as the tank charged.

The tank stopped abruptly as D made solid contact with a left foot to the abdomen. From there he ran for an inward punch; but to his surprise, the kick had stopped, not fazed his opponent. The strike met with an uppercut that sent D flying backwards.

“I’m already being matched by this giant? Ridiculous!”

D flew into his best flurry of strikes and kicks until he began to drive the tank slowly back. His pride flourished as D realized he might actually win.

“It’s time to had to end this.”

As they continued trading blows, D finally noticed an opening. Because of the tanks massive size, D focused on taking him down from the lower points of contact and the tank blocked that quite well.

His knees released a huge burst of energy as D flew straight up and snapped one of his best front kicks… but it never landed. As his foot passed where the tanks head should have been, the tank dropped; swiping D’s feet right out from under him

“I’m done for,” D thought as his back hit the ground beside the tanks leg.

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