Intermediate Bodybuilding

Intermediate Bodybuilding

This intermediate bodybuilding routine builds off of the basic bodybuilding post I wrote earlier. Once you manage to complete the basic bodybuilding routine for two weeks consecutive, you can move up.

Intermediate Bodybuilding Superset Routine

Initially, working through these routines might feel a little lengthy. Because of your familiarity with the program you can focus on good form, and slowly increasing the weight. Also, you should note that these routines contain more sets.

Begin your routine by performing 12-15 repetitions of the first two exercises for three sets. Then, move onto the second pair, and the third, and the fourth. If you prefer using a timer, this routine takes around 27-30 minutes (depending on your rest period between sets).

Bodybuilding Exercise Posters

Tips For Intermediate Bodybuilding

Intermediate Bodybuilding Motivation

Not so long ago, Crystal showed me a poster about how long it takes to see results. I liked it, because it gives milestones to look forward to. That gave me some ideas to try and see what else might help. I started writing some of the ideas here:

  • Motivational posters that mean something to me.
  • Write down the workout I’m doing, so I know where I want to go.
  • Drink water all day long to hydrate for the next workout.
  • Eat foods that actually fuel me, instead of punishing my body with processed sugars.
  • Go for moderate runs, or sprint intervals to help recovery after each workout.
  • Using off days for yoga, stretching, and calisthenics to improve flexibility and endurance.

DIY Bodybuilding Routines

The routine here works off the principle of working opposing muscles in each superset. Building your own routine simply means deciding what muscles you want to work, and piecing the exercises together. I pull my basic routines from The Body Sculpting Bible for Women, 4th Edition. However, I modify them into routines built for me using exercises from This allows me to create endless routines, and sculpt my body more precisely. I’ve provided links to both below for your convenience.

Disclaimer: I’m not in any way affiliated with Penguin Random House or

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