Beginning Running

Beginning Running

Beginning Running Disclaimer: Always check with your doctor prior to beginning any new routine. You and your doctor should discuss any pre-existing conditions, prior injuries, and any impact those may have on your goals.

Shoe Warning: You should always wear shoes that support your body, goals, and style. Running in the wrong shoes can and will lead to serious injury. I recommend speaking to a professional to find the right shoe for you.

Walk Before You Run

You may have heard the old adage about walking before you run. In a very real sense, you can stop your training short if you try to much to fast. Begin by walking anywhere from five to ten minutes at a time. Then, build up until you can power walk for thirty minutes consistently.

By taking it slow, you prevent both burnout and injury. Furthermore, you allow your body to strengthen as you work up to the next stage of beginning running.

Running Intervals (Walk/Run)

For the next portion of your training, practice intervals. Remember that you should always power walk instead of strolling leisurely.

First, begin with a ten minute power walk as a sort of warm-up. Once you reach that point, take the time to stretch out at the very least, or do some runners yoga if you can. Pay particular attention to the muscles that feel tight from your warm-up. Then, begin your run with a sixty second easy jog. Next, as an active rest, power walk for two minutes. Repeat that 1/2 minutes interval six to eight times. Finally, power walk for five minutes as a sort of cool-down.

Once you finish your intervals, I highly recommend runners yoga to cool down. Additionally, it allows your joints to build flexibility, and prevents injuries as you increase your intensity. As the intervals begin to feel easier, you can slowly alternate until you run for two minutes and walk for one. At that point, you need to move forward to the next phase.

Beginning Running For Real!

As you begin running for the duration of your workout, keep in mind the fundamentals. First, always warm-up before you begin the actual run. You may wish to jog a couple of minutes, or power walk. Either way, getting your heart rate up is important. Then, stretch both before and after your run. Ideally, you want to do something like runners yoga. However, in the interest of time, at least do some basic stretching to prepare and relax your muscles and limbs for running.

Finally, as you create your own routine, ensure you add strength training. Weak muscles will not support you for long, especially as you increase your running capabilities.

Sample Running Routine
You may use this four week routine if you like, or create your own based on you personal goals.

Running Your Life

Now go for a walk and let me know below what your thoughts and feelings about life are.

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  1. Day 8: started with a Sun Salutation. Then, moved into the break in workout using two 15lb weights (18min). Next, I did a 9min power walk to stretch and get my heart rate up. Then, I jumped into six rounds of easy (6mph) for 2min; power walk (4mph) for 1min. On round four I nearly lost it, so I slowed down and switched it to 2min power walk for that one round, giving me the boost for the last two rounds. I felt like walking death during my cool down.

  2. Day 9: I started with a 10min power walk; then stretched out with a 7min yoga flow; then ran for seven 2min (6mph)/1min (4mph) intervals. Between interval 4-5 I managed to skip the jog and push through. Now I feel a serene high as my body comes down from the running rush.

  3. Day 12-13: Life happened. Between work and my not wanting to get outta bed, I didn’t get it done.
    Day 14: I did seven intervals. On #4, I had to walk, but 1-3 and 5-7 I did run/jog. I’m hoping tomorrow I can get back to running all seven intervals so I can start running the entire way.

  4. I blame isolation. I lost track of days somewhere and today’s day 17 in my running log. Sort of. I only lasted two minutes so I tried a few sprints instead. I’m exhausted from staying up explaining my daughter’s math homework. She’s struggling with division.

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