Sudoku (Easy)

Brain games like Sudoku allow you to stretch different parts of your mind and fend off things like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Routinely doing things to stretch your mind also sharpens it and keeps it that way.

Easy Sudoku Puzzle 20210303
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See next weeks Sudoku puzzle for the solution.

How to Play Sudoku

In order to beat the puzzle you need to fill out an eighty-one square puzzle following the following four rules:

  1. Each square can only have a number from 1 through 9
  2. Numbers cannot repeat in each group of nine squares
  3. Rows can only have a number once
  4. Columns can only hold a number once

Sudoku Strategies

You can find dozens of sudoku strategies online. However, the majority of them leave you with dozens of questions and suppositions. By using simple binary logic on each square, you can easily solve every puzzle. To illustrate this, I’ve applied my four basic strategies to an easy puzzle below.

How to Sudoku Step One
I always start by looking for a number that isn’t in any group of squares, as well as a single column or row (#1).
Once you repeat that process a few times, you’ll get to a point where you have an entire group completed (#2).
When you find a particular number that is missing in a single column (#3), as well as a group of squares (#4), you can start to find multiple locations more quickly.

With these basic strategies, you should be able to solve any Sudoku puzzle.

Moving Forward

More difficult Sudoku puzzles use the exact same logic to solve. Since these puzzles rely entirely on logic and not mathematics, you shouldn’t ever need to guess. As I post more difficult puzzles, I’ll include a little history and trivia just for fun. In the meantime, I do hope you enjoy this little segment of my writing and mental challenges.


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