Articles by Cree Dalene

Grasp of Death

Headlock Step 1:Turn and tuck your chin against your chestWith the hand away from your attacker, grab the attackers wristStep the leg farthest from your attacker straight in front of youReach between the attackers legs and pinch/grab/punch the soft tissueStep 2:Pull your attackers arm over [Read More]

Blocking Set #1

Opening:Begin in a medative horse stanceCock both hands at your hips.Section 1: (Right Side)Deliver a right upward block.Deliver a right hammering inward block.Deliver a right extended outward block.Deliver a right outward downward block.Deliver a right rear elbow block.Deliver a right push-down block.Chamber your right hand [Read More]

Captured Twigs

Rear Bear Hug Step 1:Pin attackers hands with your off handStep into a low horse stance, offset with attackers feetStrong hand hammer fist to attackers groinStep 2:Step into cat stance with your outside legExecute a downward block with your pinning handExecute an elbow strike with [Read More]

Deflecting Hammer

Front Thrust Kick Step 1:Step backwards into a neutral bow stanceExecute a forward downward block to the outside of attackers legStep 2:Shuffle forward into attackerDeliver a palm strike to attackers faceFollow through with an elbow strike to attackers faceStep 3:Step backwards into fight stance [Read More]

Sword of Destruction

Roundhouse Punch Step 1:Step backwards into a modified bow stanceExecute a forward outward blockCover low with rear handStep 2:Deliver a front snap kick to attackers groinStep 3:Plant your foot back into modified bow stanceDeliver a front hand sword hand to attackers carotid artery Step 4:Cover [Read More]

Alternating Maces

Front Two Handed Push Step 1:Step backwards into a modified bow stanceDeliver a partial front inward blockCover low with off handStep 2:Collapse your blocking hand over the top of the attackers armsPivot your stance towards your attackerDeliver a vertical punch with your rear handStep 3:Collapse [Read More]

Delayed Sword

One handed lapel grab Step 1:Step Backwards into a modified bow stanceDeliver an inward blockCover low with opposite handStep 2:Slide forward foot backwards into cat stanceExecute a front leg snap kickStep 3:Plant kicking leg forwardDeliver a sword hand to the attackers neckStep 4:Move backwards into [Read More]

Day 40: Bodybuilding Routine #9

Bodybuilding Routine Rest one minute between the two giant sets 4x10xPlie Squat10xDumbbell Lunge10xTwo Arm Row10xFlat Dumbbell Fly4x10xBent Over Lateral Raise25xStanding Calf Raise10xHammer Curl10xLying Dumbbell Extension Daily Challenge Elbow Plank04:00 If you don’t know an exercise you can see them on [Read More]
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