Grasp of Death

Grasp of Death


Step 1:Turn and tuck your chin against your chest
With the hand away from your attacker, grab the attackers wrist
Step the leg farthest from your attacker straight in front of you
Reach between the attackers legs and pinch/grab/punch the soft tissue
Step 2:Pull your attackers arm over your head, and bring their wrist to your hip
Step 3:Step the foot closest to your attacker forward into a modified bow stance
Use the hand closest to the attacker to execute a hammer block, placing them in an arm bar
Place your other hand on the attackers elbow for better control
Step 4:Once the attacker is fully extended, deliver an inverted vertical strike to their head/face
Step 5:Step backwards into your attack stance
Grasp of Death
About Cree Dalene
I grew up in Colonia Juarez, Chihuahua, México, where people either owned cattle ranches or fruit orchards. Much of my work ethic came from working on Rancho La Mesa (my family's ranch). That ranch also sparked what grew into my wild imagination. I read somewhere that you should write the story you want to read, and that stuck with me. My writing began in sixth grade, around the time I began learning to type.

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